Improved Agriculture and Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Promotion (IAIDVC)


IAIDVC focusses on the economic empowerment of women smallholders and workers to achieve the goal of long term development in 59 villages of the Jambusar block, Bharuch district in Gujarat. It promotes and assists in creating access to quality technology, market and resources, as well as the formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs). This will enhance the income and productivity of women smallholder farmers and workers by developing women entrepreneurs along the dairy value chain who support agricultural promotion.

IAIDVC has taken the initiative of providing basic level skill and management training to the women who are interested in setting up their own micro and small enterprise. In addition to this, it has been providing training for dairy entrepreneurship and professional management of dairy. This project has also encouraged gender equity and equality by carefully selecting and training ‘Male Champions’ belonging to the village community.

PI Industries has supported CARE India to achieve these goals.


  • Provided agricultural services to 3,500 farmers through Agro Service Centres
  • Supported kitchen gardening on homestead land for more than 1,200 women to access nutritious foodand improved income.
  • 185 milk collection centres are now functioning. 4,000 milk producers among project beneficiaries are linked up with formal dairy market.
  • Additionally, 2,500 non-beneficiary milk producers in the district are benefitting by accessing the formal milk market.
  • SHGs have provided loans worth 63150 for health, education, income-generating activities and household expenses.
  • 382 people have been trained in animal health and nutrition management, another 44 have been trained in financial literacy.
Bharuch district, Gujarat

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