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“The Pathways initiative in India, is one of the six country-based initiatives under the global Pathways program. This five year program is operational in six countries: India and Bangladesh in Asia, and Tanzania, Mali, Malawi and Ghana in Africa. Congruent with the overall program, the initiative in India seeks to better the lives of poor women farmers by increasing their opportunities while addressing their social, economic and environmental constraints in agriculture. It focuses on developing multiple pathways towards a secure and resilient livelihood for some of the most ethnically and socially marginalized groups in one of the least developed areas of the country. These pathways are achieved through the empowerment of women smallholders, enhancement of intensified agricultural sector by means of leveraging key cross-cutting agriculture support systems and promotion and fulfilment of women’s rights, equity and leadership. Pathways project has the goal: To increase poor women farmers’ productivity and empowerment in more equitable agriculture systems at scale.


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