CARE India launched a 5 days campaign from March 3 – 7 to create awareness on gender equality. This campaign engaged corporate employees from different companies to share stories about, women that they know who broke the myth and demonstrated exemplary courage, inspiring change around them. We will showcase some of these stories in this space. This is the first one of the series. Story 1- Resilience is a step towards empowerment I had employed a cook in Mumbai, who was a Muslim woman with 3 children. Though not educated, her life’s aim was to ensure the education of her 2 daughters, so that they can study and not get married early (as, in their family, girls are married by the time they are 15). Hameeda, my cook, worked very hard and was smart. She took up work at various homes to maximize her earnings. In her endeavor towards securing her daughters’ education, she had to fight relentlessly against her husband, her mother in law and their whole family, who were forcing her daughter to get married. In these tough circumstances, Hameeda showed resilience and stood her ground. She sent her daughters to school. Today, the elder one is in her second year of college. She is a bright girl. She has also done a course in Mehendi putting and does it professionally. The girls and Hameeda today live their life in dignity and make their own choices. In spite of family pressure, and financial hardships (her husband does not hold a steady job), she used to smile and make lovely food for us, while sharing her experiences with us. I salute her! She BREAKS our MYTH of the day so well! Pallavi Mathur, Ipsos Team Ipsos in India participated in International Women’s Day Campaign- “Breaking Myths & Inspiring Change. Ipsos is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organization, providing market research services to clients on a global basis.

Employess of Ipsos celebrating International Women's Day by exchanging stories of courageous women.