In the heart of Vansava, a small village in Gujarat, a tale of resilience and transformation unfolds. This is the story of Dakshaben Dhansukhbhai Patel, a 57-year-old widow who turned her barren land into a fertile oasis, enhancing her farming output and securing a sustainable future for her family.

Dakshaben's world was shattered when her husband, a farmer, passed away due to COVID-19. Left with two sons and a daughter to care for, she found herself facing a rapidly changing environment. Their land, once fertile and productive, started becoming barren, resulting in decreased production and dwindling revenue.

However, Dakshaben's life took a turn when she attended sessions conducted by CARE India, supported by Shell India Pvt Ltd, on Micro Irrigation Systems under the Farmer Field Business School. Empowered with knowledge and new farming techniques, she began farming in all seasons.

Through these sessions, Dakshaben adopted Drum Base Irrigation and Trellis and started growing three different types of crops simultaneously. The result was a remarkable 35% increase in production within a year, leading to a significant boost in her income. Dakshaben and her family also started farming on the remaining land, resulting in even higher profits.

Her son, inspired by the transformation, became a resource person for farmers from other villages who came to see the improvements brought about through micro-irrigation. "Two years back, I lost all hope with my husband. Unlike in the past when we only farmed during one season, we now farm all our land throughout the year," shares a confident Dakshaben.

About The Programme

The Secure and Resilient Livelihoods (SRL) programme, supported by Shell Energy Private Limited, aims to promote more secure and resilient livelihoods for 5750 poor smallholder/forest fringe households. The programme ensures their productive and equitable participation in a sustainable agriculture-livestock production system, among the smallholder communities in Hazira and Umarpada, Gujarat. Under this programme, a total of 166 farmers, including Dakshaben, have received support from the micro-irrigation system project, increasing their income by utilising 108 acres of land. Dakshaben's story is a testament to the transformative power of this programme, showcasing how knowledge and innovation can empower farmers and transform agriculture.