This remarkable is story of Anuradha Yadav, a Nutrition Volunteer from Tikamgarh district’s Kamlanagar village whose tenacity and commitment for combating malnutrition helped 34 children beat severe malnutrition and bounce back to normal health. 

Kamlanagar is one of the 305 highly nutritionally burdened villages in Madhya Pradesh where CARE India’s Madhya Pradesh Nutrition Project (MPNP) is being implemented. With a total population of 1500, most families in the village are severely economically challenged and seasonally tend to migrate due to limited livelihood options. 

Back in October 2015, Anuradha and Gomti, an Angan Wadi Worker (AWW) identified 49 children in the village who were severely malnourished. Since then, two front-line crusaders have been working relentlessly to improve the nutritional status of the children in Kamlanagar.  

Out of 49 identified children, 30 were moderately, and 19 severely underweight.  Anuradha’s courage, continuous persuasion and strength instilled confidence and willingness among family members of these children. After much struggle, Anuradha was able to admit 11 severely acute malnourished children at the nearest Nutritional Rehabilitation Center for treatment. Under her constant surveillance, all children successfully completed their treatment cycle. Her continuous consultations and counselling with another 23 malnourished children in the village, further helped them bounce back to healthy nutritional status.  

Currently, Anuradha is busy finishing the work she started, by counselling the remaining 15 children in the village. She is hopeful that her efforts will lead to a happier, healthier community in the area with zero cases of malnutrition among children. 

Lubna Abdullah