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Posted by Eilia Jafar at Noida, India on Friday 13-Jan-2017 in DISASTER
Research across sectors in humanitarian work has demonstrated that disasters do not have the same impact on women, men, boys and girls of different age groups. The impact varies for marginalized sections of our communities who have already been facing the wrath of caste, religion, and ethnicity based discrimination during non-disaster times.  There are different needs due to the differential... Read More
Posted by Binay Kumar Rout on Wednesday 28-Dec-2016 in LIVELIHOOD
23-year-old Sunita Bai, an Adivasi woman farmer from tribal dominated Jabla village, Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh was facing tough financial situation for many years, especially due to limited crop produce on her farm land, and absence of any other livelihood avenues in the village.  Sunita lives with her husband, two and half year-old son, brother-in-law and mother-in-law. The family has... Read More
Posted by Mona Mahendru at Noida, India on Monday 19-Dec-2016 in DISASTER
CARE’s Asia Pacific Regional Unit, in Bangkok, Thailand organised an Asia Pacific Regional Supply Chain Workshop for Program Support and Program Team Members of the region from 22-25 November 2016. A total of over 20 participants attended the workshop, which was convened by Logistics Manager at Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance, Ms. Rachel Gordon-Roberts, who is also working with CARE... Read More
Posted by Shivani Singh on Monday 12-Dec-2016 in HEALTH
Meera, a 28-year-old woman from Gulganj Village in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district, is a mother of three young children. Even though she couldn’t pursue her education beyond high school, and was married off early, she never gave up on her dreams and aspirations to do something big in her life. Meera’s husband was a daily wage labourer, so she had to brace some financial difficulties after... Read More
Posted by Shivani Singh on Wednesday 30-Nov-2016 in HEALTH
Parvati Sahoo from Mugwari vilage, chhatrapur district, Madhya Pradesh has always had the zeal and determination to win against all odds. She was among the few educated women from her village, who have completed secondary education. But married at 17 years of age her story was not different from other women of her village. Post marriage she was confined to home and did only household chores, and... Read More