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Posted by Rajan Bahadur at Odisha on Tuesday 14-Feb-2017 in LIVELIHOOD
Bishnupriya Pradhan, a young Adivasi girl from Kandhamal district’s Bradinaju village in Odisha is inspiring thousands in her community, as she chases her ambitions fearlessly, embodying the true spirit of women empowerment.  When most girls her age in the community were getting married, Bishnupriya decided to pursue her graduation in Arts, managing her own fees by working as a Community Resource... Read More
Posted by Ajith at Madhya Pradesh on Monday 06-Feb-2017 in HEALTH
Maya with her child Arsh
28-year-old Maya Mishra from Badamalhera Block’s Chaikuwa village in Madhya Pradesh has had a tough journey to ensure health and well-being of her children. Maya’s husband is a farmer and the only earning hand in the family. The family’s only source of income is a piece of two-acre land. CARE India’s staff first met Maya in December 2013 during their routine home visits in the village. At that... Read More
Posted by Renu Golwalker at Noida, India on Wednesday 25-Jan-2017 in WOMEN
CARE India has been, for the last several decades, working to empower women and girls from the most marginalized communities across India, enabling them to live secure and resilient lives in dignity. The organisation aims to work with 50 million women and girls as part of its primary goal, to help them meet their health, education, and livelihood entitlements. Over 60 % of women, between the ages... Read More
Posted by Eilia Jafar at Noida, India on Friday 13-Jan-2017 in DISASTER
Research across sectors in humanitarian work has demonstrated that disasters do not have the same impact on women, men, boys and girls of different age groups. The impact varies for marginalized sections of our communities who have already been facing the wrath of caste, religion, and ethnicity based discrimination during non-disaster times.  There are different needs due to the differential... Read More
Posted by Binay Kumar Rout on Wednesday 28-Dec-2016 in LIVELIHOOD
23-year-old Sunita Bai, an Adivasi woman farmer from tribal dominated Jabla village, Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh was facing tough financial situation for many years, especially due to limited crop produce on her farm land, and absence of any other livelihood avenues in the village.  Sunita lives with her husband, two and half year-old son, brother-in-law and mother-in-law. The family has... Read More