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Posted by Tim Bishop at Bihar on Monday 24-Apr-2017 in HEALTH
Her first four children each died of asphyxiation during delivery. The 30-year-old’s fifth – a baby girl – was born safely at home, and against all odds. When the same expectant mother entered Bihar’s district hospital to deliver her sixth baby, she was hoping for a boy. She entered the hospital carrying the hopes and dreams of the many family members waiting outside for the news and, as I bore... Read More
Posted by Ajith from MPNP CARE India at Madhya Pradesh on Friday 31-Mar-2017 in HEALTH
This story is of Bhagwati Ahirwar from Kayan village in Madhya Pradesh. Having helped reduce malnutrition among the children in the village, Bhagwati is a role model for her villagers. With her marriage while in class 8, Bhagwati had to end her education. Soon she gave birth to an underweight child, her husband and in-laws moved to the capital city for work and she and her daughter had to survive... Read More
Posted by Dr Rita Prasad on Tuesday 28-Mar-2017 in HEALTH
Tuberculosis can affect any age, caste or class and it is one of the top 10 causes of death across the globe, ranking above HIV and malaria. To generate awareness, 24 March is observed as World TB Day. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015, there were 10.4 million new cases of TB worldwide. Six countries account for 60% of the total TB deaths, with India leading the count,... Read More
Posted by Ajith from MPNP CARE India at Madhya Pradesh on Monday 27-Mar-2017 in HEALTH
In Khajwa village in Madhya Pradesh, Raju and his wife Poonam earn their livelihood through farming and animal husbandry.  Being the youngest daughter-in-law in the family, Poonam had to do all the household chores, look after their cattle and spend the remaining time in farming.  It was as a part of CARE India’s MPNP program that Rajni Tiwari and Kaushalya Patel visited Raju’s house. A nutrition... Read More
Posted by Wasi MD Alam at Tamilnadu on Saturday 25-Mar-2017 in DISASTER
Can any disaster avoid a sight of children lying lifeless, injured and deafening sound of their cry in pain and stream of tears rolling relentlessly? The huge impact of disasters on children is visible with the staggering number of deaths and injuries to children. Children’s vulnerability increases with the decrease in age and existing ill-health conditions. Among lives lost in disasters, at... Read More