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Posted by Lata Krishnan at Bihar on Monday 20-Mar-2017 in WOMEN
After 10 years of enforcement of a milestone law to protect women from domestic violence ‘The Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act’ (PWDVA), nothing much has changed for vast number 0f women in the country.    During one of my visit to Patna, I heard Shazina saying “today if I am living a life with dignity it is just because of PWDVA”. Though Shazina had filed her case in October... Read More
Posted by Dr. Renu Golwalkar at New Delhi on Monday 06-Mar-2017 in WOMEN
India has sex ratio of 940 females per 100 males (census 2011)1; Literacy rates of 68.4% women, 85.6 % men (NFHS 4); globally, about 800 women die every day of preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth; 20 per cent of these women are from India. As per ILO, women formed 60 per cent of the lowest paid wage labor, but only 15 per cent of the highest wage-earners; 11.2% of the total... Read More
Posted by Shivani Singh at Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday 22-Feb-2017 in HEALTH
Selected Couples participating in Gender meeting in village Juhi, Panna district of Madhya Pradesh
Pawai block is located almost 65 kms away from Panna district. Juhi is one of the villages in this block having a large tribal population. The total population of this village is 1260. There are two prominent castes, one is Yadavs who fall under OBC and other is tribes. The major occupation of Yadav community is agriculture and they are somewhat prosperous too.  However, the tribes own no lands... Read More
Posted by Rajan Bahadur at Odisha on Tuesday 14-Feb-2017 in LIVELIHOOD
Bishnupriya Pradhan, a young Adivasi girl from Kandhamal district’s Bradinaju village in Odisha is inspiring thousands in her community, as she chases her ambitions fearlessly, embodying the true spirit of women empowerment.  When most girls her age in the community were getting married, Bishnupriya decided to pursue her graduation in Arts, managing her own fees by working as a Community Resource... Read More
Posted by Ajith at Madhya Pradesh on Monday 06-Feb-2017 in HEALTH
Maya with her child Arsh
28-year-old Maya Mishra from Badamalhera Block’s Chaikuwa village in Madhya Pradesh has had a tough journey to ensure health and well-being of her children. Maya’s husband is a farmer and the only earning hand in the family. The family’s only source of income is a piece of two-acre land. CARE India’s staff first met Maya in December 2013 during their routine home visits in the village. At that... Read More