CARE India is a registered Section 8 company in India and a member of CARE confederation present in 100 countries, which works with the most marginalised women and girls to alleviate poverty and reduce social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation.
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  • Youth Perspectives on Gender Based Violence

    Youth Perspectives on Gender Based Violence

    Gender responsiveness is a major challenge especially in ascertaining Gender Based Violence. Understanding what constitutes GBV also varies as there are different interpretations of the concept of gender as well as violence. Both genders can be the targets of Gender-Based violence, however, women and girls are the most vulnerable. The issue of GBV is multifaceted that... Read More

  • Working in the Unorganised Sector

    Working in the Unorganised Sector

    Any normal day in an average Indian middle-class household cannot be imagined without the domestic worker carrying out daily chores for the household. The domestic worker is an essential part of the household, and an integral one, that it is hard to carry out everyday proceedings without them. If one picks up elementary education books, one can easily spot the profess... Read More

  • Improved Cooking Stove- Bringing Hope in Lives of Many

    Improved Cooking Stove- Bringing Hope in Lives of Many

    In a widow’s story of love, loss, and renewal Dianne Dettmann says, “I realised, it is not the time that heals, but what we do within that time that creates positive change.” It is really interesting how the plight of widows transcends the borders of geograph... Read More

  • Towards Ending Gender-Based Violence at the Workplace

    Towards Ending Gender-Based Violence at the Workplace

     In recent past India has witnessed increased participation of women in all walks of life. They are now taking complete charge of their lives and getting involved in all decision-making processes and procedures related to them directly or indirectly. With women gaining visibility in the social and the political sector, various issues related to their safety and acces... Read More

  • ICS – A helping hand for a woman in her old age

    ICS – A helping hand for a woman in her old age

    70 years old Natu Pradhan, belongs to Paburia Gram Panchayat, Kandhamal district. She was married at a very young age to a man whose first wife had passed away leaving two small children. After getting married, Natu got so busy raising her step children that she never thought of having her own child. But, as the children grew up they failed to accept Natu as their mot... Read More

  • Clean Energy and Gender Transformative Change

    Clean Energy and Gender Transformative Change

    Nearly 70% of India’s population lives in villages. Lack of resources and energy poverty are primary reasons of why people spend their lives in deprivation. Consumption of traditional sources of energy, like firewood, negatively affects the growth and health of girls and women and makes them prone to many health hazards. One such village where this problem is quite ... Read More

  • Marching Towards Gender Equality

    Marching Towards Gender Equality

    As the morning broke on March 19, I was unusually excited. Today, all our efforts throughout the month of March to engage with different stakeholders -from women farmers, partners, civil society organizations, academia and youth across our project locations- were going to culminate in a daylong event in the capital. We were to deliberate, discuss and raise our voic... Read More

  • Changing Lives with Agricultural Interventions

    Changing Lives with Agricultural Interventions

    Anila Deewan is a woman farmer from Chandagarh village of Pathalgaon block, Jashpur district, Chhattisgarh. Her family is completely dependent on agriculture for their living. Earlier a major part of her income was invested in the procurement of inputs for agriculture like purchasing seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, etc. She took a loan of approximately INR 20000 fo... Read More

  • The Story of a Decision Maker

    The Story of a Decision Maker

    Chandravati Portai, a mother of two children belongs to Khakata village, Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh. She is a member of the Village Development Committee (VDC) that is promoted under CARE India’s ‘Where the Rain Falls’ project. A few years back her left her dependent on her maternal family to sustain herself and her children. Although Chandravati had al... Read More

  • Saving Lives and Spreading Smiles

    Saving Lives and Spreading Smiles

    In Ajaygarh block of Panna district in Madhya Pradesh, the trend of neonatal deaths is not uncommon. The main reasons behind this sprouting trend are low birth weight (LBW), pre-term deliveries, birth asphyxia and infection or sepsis.Women of the village are not adequately aware of prenatal and newborn care.The socio-economic and cultural norms that exist in the villa... Read More

  • Building confidence for sustainable change

    Building confidence for sustainable change

    Poonam Kumari is a lively 15-year-old, who belongs to Saidpur village of the Tankuppa block in Gaya district. She was once a very timid, shy girl who lacked confidence. Poonam, second out of the three siblings, had been to school once where she somehow completed Grade III but had to discontinue her education due to limited financial resources. This forced her to take ... Read More

  • The Climate Heroine of India

    The Climate Heroine of India

    Dilmani Kujur is a woman farmer and role model in her region. She belongs to the Jududand village of Bagicha block that falls under the ‘Where the Rain Falls Project’. With support from CARE India, she transformed five percent of her arable land into a water storage pond that collects rainwater and irrigates her agricultural fields. The water harvesting structure ... Read More

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