Youth listening to the guidance from CARE India

It is difficult to understand youth. Educators, parents, and community members often share a common goal—they want to help young people succeed. While few among the youth are able to climb up the ladder, others still are struggling to find the right path to success.

Banking on Change, a project initiated by CARE India, facilitates young women to succeed through training and professional development. CARE India with the help of the local NGO Partners identifies and works with young girls from underprivileged communities, to help them grow as individuals and leaders through various trainings and capacity building programs like Financial Education, Entrepreneurship Skill Development and getting right skills to become employable too.

CARE India recently organized a ‘Youth Mela’ along with its Partner NGO, ACDS, in Kancheepuram District with 200 young women participating in it. The purpose of the Mela was to bring all stakeholders, who support Youth Empowerment, on a single platform. Various stakeholders such as training resource agencies that provide skills to youth, the employers from neighbouring areas who could tell them the required qualities and qualifications that they need to possess in order to become employable, a lawyer to make them aware of their rights and how to get themselves protected from societal crimes, participated in the mela.

One could see the staunch determination and inquisitiveness among the youth, waiting to gain from the interaction. Such programs when conducted often will help youth gain knowledge and exposure, and know that there are organizations that support them and guide them to success.

Much is happening in the outside world about which young women are unaware. Projects like Banking on Change will help them come out of their shells and discover the world. All that young women need is someone to motivate and guide them on the path to success.

We know that empowered young women have the power to create lasting, positive change in their communities.

Posted By : Chandrika V