CARE India is a registered Section 8 company in India and a member of CARE confederation present in 100 countries, which works with the most marginalised women and girls to alleviate poverty and reduce social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation. | We are responding to the second wave of COVID – 19 by setting up temporary COVID Care Facilities and supporting frontline workers with PPE kits.


Helping communities fight COVID - 19


The second wave of COVID – 19 has been devastating on lives and livelihoods, and as of June 18, 2021, India continues to have more than 600,000 cases reported in a day. Health authorities have also been warning of a possible third wave of infections that may affect peri-urban and rural settlements.

Working on the Covid- 19 response since the beginning of the crisis, CARE India is evolving its approach with changing needs on the ground.

Today, we are strengthening the health systems with setting up healthcare infrastructure- Covid Health care Centers with full facilities, training medical staff, providing essential equipment like oxygen concentrators and working closely with the community members to provide them with knowledge, support infected patients, and if required help them to access appropriate healthcare facilities. Parallelly we are also supporting state governments in their vaccination drive by addressing hesitancy and building vaccination centres.

CARE India with its 70 years of experience in providing relief during disasters and delivering large-scale health programmes on the ground, is well-positioned to support the affected citizens where the need is the greatest.

Today we need to come together to fight the COVID – 19 crisis and save lives.

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CARE India is a registered Section 8 company and a member of the CARE Confederation in 100 countries.