'Power to Empower'

Welcome to Power to Empower, CARE India’s Youth Engagement Program. P2E is an initiative of CARE India, which started in early 2012. It seeks to mobilize youth opinion, views and action on poverty alleviation and social injustice, through women's empowerment and gender equity.

The Power to Empower programme of CARE India stands on four pillars of leadership development. The Learn Inform Organize and Engage


Mishika Nagrath
CARE has been an altogether different experience for me. Doing something for women makes you feel so good. An exposure to work with a blend of contribution towards the society helped me to develop as a person in a versatile manner.Proud of being a woman myself.

Heena Menghani
I learnt the overwhelming meaning of this line " Do Good, Be Good" after being a part of CARE, a family of persons volunteering for a social cause which should be handled with utmost care and diligence i.e. Women Empowerment. Everyday learning something new made me more dynamic after knowing a lot about the prevailing society and its thinking about a women.

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