CARE India is a registered Section 8 company in India and a member of CARE confederation present in 100 countries, which works with the most marginalised women and girls to alleviate poverty and reduce social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation. | We are responding to the second wave of COVID – 19 by setting up temporary COVID Care Facilities and supporting frontline workers with PPE kits.
COVID -19 Response
Corporate and Institutional partners fighting COVID – 19

COVID -19 Response

CARE India is mounting a comprehensive response and collaborating with development and corporate partners in fighting COVID-19 health crisis. Some of our key initiatives include helping frontline workers stay safe with PPE, distributing dry rations to feed the needy, raising awareness in our programme areas, contact tracing, providing technical support, inputs of the equipment required and others.

A lot of our existing partners and new partners have stepped forward to join the fight against COVID – 19.

Our teams are already working day-to-day where health systems are weak and as COVID-19 spreads, we want to be sure that the needs of the vulnerable communities we work with are met as this crisis unfolds.

You can read about CARE India’s COVID – 19 response here.

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With the generous support of corporate and institutional donors we have carried out the following activities:

CARE India has a team of 1,500+ staff supporting the Government of Bihar in contact tracing, monitoring, infection control, and laboratory and hospital strengthening in response to COVID.

CARE India’s response plan outlines three critical areas of programmatic support that will aid in combating COVID-19: 1) Providing support to governments at policy levels for structural shifts to meet outbreak requirements; 2) Supporting service provision through support to health facilities and health providers 3) Supporting outreach to communities through frontline workers and women’s groups to adopt preventative practices, hygiene behaviors, create linkages to testing and treatment services for COVID-19 and address livelihood challenges caused by the disruption in their earnings due to extended lockdowns.

In partnership with Coca Cola, CARE India plans to reach out to 1,50,000 beneficiaries for improved food security. CARE will target migrants, daily wage earners, waste pickers and Persons living with HIV.

With the support of Mars, CARE India will be supporting 25, 000 small hold mint farmers in the districts of Lucknow and Barabanki. This support will ensure dry ration distribution, immediate cash grant support to women small holders for farm activities, provision of protective equipment , revolving soft loan fund grant set up at collectives’ level to cater to the cash needs of 5,000 women farmers on sustainable basis and others.

CARE India in partnership with BNPP foundation will be supporting 40,000 individuals with dry ration support. The goal of the project is improved Food security of COVID-19 affected people focused on migrant population and other vulnerable groups across cities of Mumbai and Chennai.

With the support of Wipro foundation, CARE India reached out to 3000 households in Mumbai and 2000 households in Pune with dry ration kits. 2000 healthcare workers in Mumbai and 1000 healthcare workers in Pune were given PPE aid. The PPE kits were given to health workers based on the level of engagement from anganwadis workers to public health professionals.

With the support of GWM, CARE India will be distributing 1100 relief kits in Pune and Delhi NCR to support almost 5500 people for a month worth of dry ration.
In the first phase of the distribution 50 households were benefited by the dry ration support in Gurgaon. While conducting the distribution, everyone was encouraged to follow social distancing.

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