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  • Gifts and Wishes

    Gifts and Wishes

    In a few days Muslims around the world will celebrate their most important religious holidays: Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, an entire month of fasting from dawn until sunset. This Ramadan has probably been the hottest and longest Ramadan that I have ever been through in my life. People are fasting up to 16 hours every day. We are not eating and dr... Read More

  • Community involvement in healthcare

    Community involvement in healthcare

    Kotshila is a backward village at the Noahatu Gram Panchayat in Jhalda-II block of Purulia district, West Bengal. In this village, the people are mostly engaged as agricultural laborers or are working in the local unorganised sector, such as the bidi (local cigarette) industry. People in Kotsila are extremely poor. It was noticed that they were not being ... Read More

  • Children continue to smile…..even in the face of disasters

    Children continue to smile…..even in the face of disasters

    In late January 2014, we got an opportunity to visit the riot stricken areas of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli, These two districts of UP were hit by a communal upsurge in late September last year. Nearly a thousand families were dislocated and had to live in the 27 relief camps, which were spread across the two places. Aid in terms of food, shelter and clothing were p... Read More

  • Nothing is impossible

    Nothing is impossible

    In April 2014, I visited the Bagda primary school of Mundra block in the Kutch district of Gujarat. After reaching the school, I went to the classes, along with the Head teacher and Deepak, who is the School Improvement Coordinator there. The School Improvement Coordinator (SIC) is a part of the K- Leap Project of CARE India, which initiated the English Language ... Read More

  • From competition to collaboration

    From competition to collaboration

    Classrooms nowadays are like combat zones in an ancient Roman Amphitheatre, wherein armed gladiators fight for their survival. In the modern era, children armed with books and tuitions are replaying this, as they combat for higher ranks. Learning is replaced by reproduction, fun repealed with anxiety and play time stripped away by special classes. In this scenari... Read More

  • Milk producer collectives’ profit tripled

    Milk producer collectives’ profit tripled

    Gujarat is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the country. Yet in some regions within the state, the pace of development is slow due to geographic and weather constraints. The district of Kutch is less developed compared to other parts of the state. It is the second largest district of Gujarat and the majority of its inhabitants are predominantly resi... Read More

  • Three years of war

    Three years of war

    When I see Nada for the first time, she is sitting in front of me during one of CARE’s information sessions in the refugee camp Azraq in the north of Jordan. She sits up straight, her eyes directed to the front, soaking up every word my colleague Yousef says. He explains what assistance she can receive where and from whom, where she can get support for babies, ... Read More

  • Reminiscence


    With aspiration running high, I walked past the car parked in the portico of CARE Bihar’s office in Ranchi, on a cold morning of January in 1998. It was my first day of work in one of largest relief and development organisation of the world. As soon as I entered the reception area, I saw a huge black and white photograph hanging on the wall. It showed the dist... Read More

  • For the people of Nissan Island, today is about survival

    For the people of Nissan Island, today is about survival

    by Ed Boydell, CARE Australia’s Climate Change Advisor Today is World Environment Day. For the 7000 people living on Nissan Island, a small coral atoll in the north-east of Papua New Guinea, it is a day of special significance. World Environment Day is a call to action, a reminder of our shared responsibility for protecting the planet. This year, the... Read More

  • Dairy dares discrimination of Dalits

    Dairy dares discrimination of Dalits

    Srivakkaramari is a Dalit settlement of 300 poor families, in the Srimushnam block. This block is endowed with natural resources. However the Dalit population have been pushed to the brink of the village, where the land is less fertile. They are mostly agricultural labourers or are working in the informal sector. Rani was a landless labourer from the Dali... Read More



    Petrapole is one of the areas where EMPHASIS intervention is being carried on. It is on the Indo-Bangladesh border, in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is a four hours’ drive from Kolkata and I reached there just before noon. On my way, I picked up one of our outreach workers, Anita. She has been working in the Petrapole & Bangaon field... Read More

  • A Community Comes Through

    A Community Comes Through

    Every once in a while during our work in JMV we come across situations where our personal and professional skills are tested. One such situation arose during a Mothers’ Group meeting in Amradevi village in the Sirauli Gauspur block of Barabanki. This is one of the 195 villages where the Maternal and Neonatal Health program of Join My Village is being implemente... Read More

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