At CARE India, we believe that educating the girl child can bring about lasting change in the lives and livelihoods of the household and the communities they live in.

That is why we bring access to education to girls from marginalized communities, to make their dreams come true.

UDAAN CARE India's flagship project is aimed at ensuring quality education for marginalized girls. UDAAN is a residential primary education initiative of care India, every year, this initiative enables out-of-school 10-14 year-old girls from india's most marginalized communities to achieve primary education competencies (class 1-5) within 11 months.  All of these girls are at extreme social and economic risk.

Through this project we have supported more than 100,000 girls.

Your support can help us reach many more who dream of becoming teachers, policewomen and community leaders.

Gift a girl a chance to fulfill her dreams. Be an Author of change.