Stories of Hope

February 2015

  • World Humanitarian Summit

    World Humanitarian Summit

    “Let´s be bold together” CARE at the regional consultations in Budapest for the World Humanitarian Summit By Barbara Jackson, Humanitarian Director, CARE International I am currently in Budapest, Hungary, attending the second of two days of regional consultations. This is the fourth in a ser... Read More

  • The Power of Women Leadership

    The Power of Women Leadership

    It takes a household and a community to raise a leader Biraguda is quite far from the district headquarter of Kandhamal, the ride is bumpy, yet the natural beauty of the place overwhelms us- Dense forests on both sides of the serpentine road, hills and beautiful valleys. The scenic beauty hides the grinding struggle for survival and poverty tha... Read More

  • My Empowering Reflections

    My Empowering Reflections

    Its early morning and I am on my way to, village Dodadimaha in Kalahandi district of Odisha, to our project initiative- the PATHWAYS, one of CARE India’s Adivashi Program intervention1. On the way, one is greeted by a kaleidoscope of beautiful images - lush forest, hillocks, valleys and fields- images that belie the reality of the region- one marre... Read More

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