Stories of Hope.

January 2016

  • A New Year, a New Dream

    A New Year, a New Dream

    The KGBV school in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh is a warm and welcoming building whose classroom and library walls are covered with many beautifully handmade posters. The students, wearing neat uniforms, stood in front of a school reciting poetry and performing a short theatre p... Read More

  • Building Confidence Through Sports

    Building Confidence Through Sports

    Daraksha Noori has many skills and interests: she loves to study and she also enjoys crafts and sewing. Daraksha, who is 16 and a 10th grader in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh, is also a big sports enthusiast, which is somewhat unusual for girls in rural India, as sports are often presumed to be a boys’ pastime. However Daraksha&rsqu... Read More

  • Saving Bihar’s Babies Through Mission Taalash

    Saving Bihar’s Babies Through Mission Taalash

    The Block Panapur lies in an area of strong Naxalite influence, and has been subjected to several attacks in the past. It is near the districts of Siwan and Gopalganj. The only medical facility in the Block is a Primary Health Centre (PHC) which runs in an APHC building and lacks basic infrastructural facilities. There is only one ambulance at the PHC. In line wi... Read More

  • Discovering one’s strengths: Dolly’s story

    Discovering one’s strengths: Dolly’s story

    Dolly Betal and her family live in a small village called Lego, which is part of the Bankura district of West Bengal. They grow potatoes and paddy for living, but technical and environmental shortcomings make it difficult for the family to make ends meet. Working hard to feed the family has also taken a toll on Dolly’s health. She would constantly get tired... Read More

  • Meeting the glamour girl of India

    Meeting the glamour girl of India

    Shabnam met me in front of her small brick house with a big smile and tight hug – a stranger who quickly became a friend just by welcoming a dusty traveller. I had travelled for more than 10 hours to meet this young woman from a remote village in India who recently travelled around the world to New York City for the Read More

  • Manjula: An entrepreneur in her own right

    Manjula: An entrepreneur in her own right

    31-year-old Manjula, lives with her husband, two kids and in-laws in the Panruti block of Tamil Nadu. Her family, like many others in the village, depends on cashew processing for livelihood. Manjula is someone CARE has helped grow through the Women Leadership in Small and Medium Enterprises (WLSME) program. During the three-year-long program, CARE... Read More

  • New Hopes at the Dawn of a New Year

    New Hopes at the Dawn of a New Year

    As the New Year dawned with hope and vigour, the remnants of the dreadful memories around the unprecedented floods, still lingered with most communities across Kancheepuram and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu that I visited last week. Yet, I was able to see remarkable valour and determination in the locals to bounce back to normalcy. These are the poorest commu... Read More

  • A Journey Through Change

    A Journey Through Change

    A popular perception of the state of Bihar, brings to mind several infrastructural challenges. However, when a few key members of the board at CARE and I got the opportunity to visit one of our project sites, a village called Kalanaur in Jehanabad district of Bihar, we were pleasantly surprised. This field visit was a part of the Board Meeting held in Patna last ... Read More

  • Instilling a will to live

    Instilling a will to live

    Selina Khatun’s life has not been anything short of a battlefield. It all started after she lost both her parents and by the time she was 14 she was constantly shuffling between her grandparents’ and her two sisters. There was no stability in her life. ... Read More

  • Going the extra mile, to save a life

    Going the extra mile, to save a life

    The quality of healthcare in Bihar has never been in synch with the rest of the country, and this affects the most vulnerable section of the society the most. The national programs initiated by the government rarely benefit the segment of the society these programs are created for. The birth of a baby girl in an ambulance is therefore not startling, bec... Read More

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