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  • Understanding Gender-Based Violence

    Understanding Gender-Based Violence

      As human beings, we often associate the term violence with conflict believing that in most cases conflict is the source of violence. But, can we assume that absence of conflict would mean the absence of any occurrence of violence?The society may have formed its stratification b... Read More

  • National Consulation: A study report on perception of domestic violence and the PWDV Act, 2005 in Bihar

    National Consulation: A study report on perception of domestic violence and the PWDV Act, 2005 in Bihar

    To advocate for effective implementation of the Protection of Women Against Domestic ViolenceAct (PWDVA), 2005, CARE India has initiated a project “Justice to Domestic Violence Survivors” in partnership with Mahila Jagran Kendra (MJK) in two districts of Bihar- Patna and Samastipur. As a part of the initiat... Read More

  • A Journey Through Change

    A Journey Through Change

    A popular perception of the state of Bihar, brings to mind several infrastructural challenges. However, when a few key members of the board at CARE and I got the opportunity to visit one of our project sites, a village called Kalanaur in Jehanabad district of Bihar, we were pleasantly surprised. This field visit was a part of the Board Meeting held in Patna last ... Read More

  • Improving Front-line Delivery within Government Service Providers

    Improving Front-line Delivery within Government Service Providers

    This blog post was sparked off by an interesting and humorous video from the World Bank that I saw this morning (the picture above is also from the same video) which highlights a familiar problem that we face as we think about government services, particularly in two of the areas in which we work, health and education. T... Read More

  • How our partners perceive value of CARE?

    How our partners perceive value of CARE?

    We have spoken many times of our work and of our project participants but this time I would like to bring forth a unique relationship which CARE nurtures and grows.  In CARE India we believe in partnering to implement our programs at the grass root. This is mainly to bring impact at scale, an opportunity which we might miss while adopting the direct imp... Read More

  • World Humanitarian Summit

    World Humanitarian Summit

    “Let´s be bold together”CARE at the regional consultations in Budapest for the World Humanitarian SummitBy Barbara Jackson, Humanitarian Director, CARE InternationalI am currently in Budapest, Hungary, attending the second of two days of regional consultations. This is the fourth in a ser... Read More

  • The Power of Women Leadership

    The Power of Women Leadership

    It takes a household and a community to raise a leaderBiraguda is quite far from the district headquarter of Kandhamal, the ride is bumpy, yet the natural beauty of the place overwhelms us- Dense forests on both sides of the serpentine road, hills and beautiful valleys. The scenic beauty hides the grinding struggle for survival and poverty tha... Read More

  • My Empowering Reflections

    My Empowering Reflections

    Its early morning and I am on my way to, village Dodadimaha in Kalahandi district of Odisha, to our project initiative- the PATHWAYS, one of CARE India’s Adivashi Program intervention1. On the way, one is greeted by a kaleidoscope of beautiful images - lush forest, hillocks, valleys and fields- images that belie the reality of the region- one marre... Read More

  • Becoming a part of the Udaan (Mewat) family

    Becoming a part of the Udaan (Mewat) family

    It was just two days since I had joined CARE India when I made my first trip to Udaan, Mewat. Udaan is an accelerated residential school program run by CARE India. It is an eleven month bridge course which helps out-of-school girls in the age group of 10-14 years to complete their education till 5th standard so that they can be enrolled in age appropriate cl... Read More

  • Community Knows What It Needs Best

    Community Knows What It Needs Best

    A village surrounded by mountains on all the sides may be awe-inspiring to some visitors but it can also be terribly lonely and unbelievably chilly. Belasalamabad is one of the villages of CARE India’s temporary shelter site lying close to the border of Baramulla district nearer the Uri sector. It is located at the very bottom of Shola Forests, in the Weste... Read More

  • Victory and Valor of a Vanished Village

    Victory and Valor of a Vanished Village

    Himalayan mountains, resplendent with pristine natural beauty, the site which attracts tourist attention globally, is now a place dotted with sad scenes of dilapidated houses, shaky school buildings, barren agricultural lands, empty shops with piles of garbage caused by the flash floods. A foul stench emanates all over and it will take quite some time to return t... Read More

  • Untold sufferings of Sanmal Begum

    Untold sufferings of Sanmal Begum

    This is a tale of Sanmal Begum from Mudari Pattan village in Jammu and Kashmir. We came to this village to distribute dry ration kits. This is one of the largest villages comprising of 185 beneficiaries. Mudari Pattan has 600 inhabitants, 303 of them females. The inhabitants’ main source of livelihood is paddy cultivation. During the distribution, I noticed... Read More

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