Stories of Hope.

June 2018

  • Youth Perspectives on Gender Based Violence

    Youth Perspectives on Gender Based Violence

    Gender responsiveness is a major challenge especially in ascertaining Gender Based Violence. Understanding what constitutes GBV also varies as there are different interpretations of the concept of gender as well as violence. Both genders can be the targets of Gender-Based violence, however, women and girls are the most vulnerable. The issue of GBV is multifaceted that... Read More

  • Working in the Unorganised Sector

    Working in the Unorganised Sector

    Any normal day in an average Indian middle-class household cannot be imagined without the domestic worker carrying out daily chores for the household. The domestic worker is an essential part of the household, and an integral one, that it is hard to carry out everyday proceedings without them. If one picks up elementary education books, one can easily spot the profess... Read More

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