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Stories of Hope

February 2016

  • Let’s build homes not houses for disaster survivors

    Let’s build homes not houses for disaster survivors

    CARE India organized a national level conference on shelter in emergencies with its technical partners Christian Aid and Sphere India on 25th February, 2016 at Royal Plaza, New Delhi. CARE India in collaboration with Christian Aid has recently conducted a study on 13 post-disaster shelter projects. Together, we reviewed the effectiveness of some of the... Read More

  • Bihar dikhaye disha

    Bihar dikhaye disha

    I visited Lakhisarai and Begusarai district of Bihar on 17th February, 2016. During my visit, I met the ANMs who have been trained through AMANAT (Apatkalin Matritva evam Navjat Tatparta) – CARE India’s mobile nurse mentoring intervention at the Barahiya PHC in Lakhisarai district. The ANMs exuded confidence and seemed to be well equipped t... Read More

  • Ruchi – An Evolving Leader

    Ruchi – An Evolving Leader

    Ruchi Kumari, a Class VIII student from an upper primary school in Gaya, Bihar, is a member of Meena Manch, an educational forum on gender equality and girls’ rights. Ruchi is an active Meena manch member, instilling hope and faith of a brighter future, amongst all her friends and peers. Her evolution into a confident, optimistic and creatively ver... Read More

  • Collective Marketing Of The Mahua Flower

    Collective Marketing Of The Mahua Flower

    The Mahua flower is one of the major non-timber forest products (NTFP) available in Junagarh Block of  Read More

  • Instilling hope of a brighter tomorrow

    Instilling hope of a brighter tomorrow

    Radna Dandsena and Mamita Dandsena both 16-year-old, are the first two girls from Odisha’s Sargiguda village in Kalahandi district to attend college. Setting a brilliant example for other aspirational girls from their village, both girls are now happily pursuing their higher education in college. While Radna has got enrolled at Bhawanipatna’s Women&rs... Read More

  • No problem is stronger than collective effort

    No problem is stronger than collective effort

    “No issue can stand in front of collective effort. Together we can bring change. That’s what we have learned from our association through Reflect Circle,” says Kasturi Majhi, Reflect Circle facilitator for Majhipada in Dedara Gram Panchayat in  Read More

  • Subsistence to Sustenance

    Subsistence to Sustenance

    An Adivasi woman and a resident of Kharapara a small hamlet of Jamjunwani village of Pathalgaon block in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh, Kalpana lives with her husband and three children. She has never attended school and couldn’t even remember when she got married.  She along with her husband owns three acres of land and they cultivate paddy to feed... Read More

  • Javeriya’s Newfound Dreams

    Javeriya’s Newfound Dreams

    Javeriya Khatoon is one among the many smart students from a KGBV in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. After dropping out of school for a few years – Javeriya’s parents divorced and she moved with her mother – KGBV is a second chance for an education. Read More

  • A tale of grit and survival

    A tale of grit and survival

    Ms. Lakshmi standing in front of their partially damaged house Vallipuram a village Panchayat in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, consists of more than 10 small village hamlets. One of the habitations is ‘Vallipuram Yeri Karai’, which means Vallipuram’s river bed. This habitation consists of a... Read More

  • Towards Empowerment: the life story of Kabita Mahato

    Towards Empowerment: the life story of Kabita Mahato

    36 year old Kabita Mahato is the Cluster representative under HEVS initiative at Barogram Gram Panchayat of Purulia district, West Bengal.  She is also a renowned Village Organization leader, but Kabita’s life was not always as inspiring as it appears today. Kabita’s journey to this day has been full of struggles. She was born into a fa... Read More

  • A Natural Performer, Najma has a Goal to Spread Peace Everywhere

    A Natural Performer, Najma has a Goal to Spread Peace Everywhere

    It’s a warm sunny day in Mewat, Haryana when I spot 13-year-old Udaan graduate Najma fidgeting around in a corner of the courtyard of the Udaan school. She’s biting her nails so I ask what’s making her so anxious. She nearly bursts out with frustration and tells me she can wait no longer to receive her eighth grade results! She tells me how she ... Read More

  • A Family Believes in Girls’ Education

    A Family Believes in Girls’ Education

    Rubina is the first in her village to send her daughter to school. “I was always interested in studying and definitely wanted to give my daughter an opportunity to study. People were against my decision, saying she will get spoilt and that nobody will guide her, but I took the plunge and later found that they do more than just guide!” she says with a ... Read More

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